A virtual cookie to whomever knows what this is.

An actual truckload of virtual cookies to whomever guesses why it’s set up in my backyard right now.


12 thoughts on “Tease

  1. Did you make it? Or are you testing it?

  2. damn. that looks sweet.
    you cool kids get to play with all the cool toys.

  3. Testing. I lack the patience and precision to make shelters, let alone cat curves like those.

  4. Alpinlite Microburst Poncho, off on a long trip is my guess.

    1. One cookie for Roger!

      We are leaving for a trip this afternoon, but the Microburst isn’t coming along.

      Keep guessing..

  5. Seam sealing?

  6. Nope! Seam sealed by Alpinlite (very well I might add).

  7. Alright…

    BPL Lightweight Alternative Rainwear SOTMR, coming in August.

  8. I will look forward to the SOTMR report, enjoy your trip, says he, as he munches on a cookie

  9. Good stuff…looking forward to the article David.

  10. Looking forward to seeing you rock that shower curtain. If anyone can pull it off it’s you, in a packraft with bike and skis in tow.

  11. It’s kinda funny I ended up doing this, as I’ve never been a poncho user. On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of WPB rain gear either, and now I’ll find out which is worse.

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