McDonald Creek, left, flows into the Middle Fork of the Flathead.

We planned to hike and snowshoe up to Sperry Chalet today, but changed plans as we drove in and hiked up to the Apgar Lookout tower instead.

The road to the TH has yet to be cleared.

The trail crews have some work to do.

Curious rainbow halo.

At around 4500′ the trail disappeared, and we just went straight uphill.  The most treacherous part was the heat sinks created by all the buried deadfall; snow melts around the log and creates nice waist deep surprise holes.  Be careful not to sprain an ankle.

Some vague haze moved in, but the promised 50% chance of rain never poked its head out.

Eventually we reached the top.

The views were good.  We had a snack on the lookout, somehow neglecting to take any pictures.  I built a very small snowman for the webcam to look at, and we headed down.

Glissading with pole as ice axe turned into riding the slush train.

The going was rough, but we found the trail, took off the snowshoes, and headed off with soda and beer on our minds.

M found some flowers along the road.  This is a Trillium, apparently.

Be good to your mother.


1 thought on “Mother

  1. Barbara Chenault May.9.2011 — 18:01

    That is a trillium grandiflora out East….return in another bit and you may see a hillside….I saw a mass of them blooming at Serpentine Mound last Spring and it is a remarkable, in the top 100 images in my mind. Good for you two…great day.

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