Wilderness Classic gear list


A posted a first draft of my gear for the Wilderness Classic here.  Check it out, if you like, and give feedback.


4 responses to “Wilderness Classic gear list”

  1. Dumb question. Will you be emitting a spot sig? Would be fun to follow … linkage?

  2. Not sure. It adds redundant weight given that race rules require everyone have a sat phone.

  3. Montane Spektr – when it first came out, being a bit of a Montane geek, I was very interested and Montane were talking about giving me one to test but in the end it came down to the Rab Demand and the OMM Cypher. I am a huge fan of the Cypher, both myself and my brother in law having gone for it. What do you think about the Spektr – work well for you so far…?

  4. The fabric and the fit of the Spektr are absolutely brilliant. Perfection on those counts. I wish the hood had a brim (with a ball cap it’s great, without just ok), and I think a zip would be better than the tornado. Jury still out on that last one.

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