Trip report contest voting

Lake McDonald never dies.

The trip report contest has been a smashing success.  I’ve read a bunch of well crafted reports, many about places totally new to me, and become aware of several great blogs and bloggers of whom I was totally ignorant.  I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.

What follows is the top 5, in my judgment.  Read, and vote.  Voting will be open until sometime on Monday afternoon, ie whenever I get home from work and get around to it.  I’ve decided to extend the prizing to be five-deep, so everyone gets something.  The further two prizes will be listed when results are posted Monday night.

1: Jason Picard’s Long Range Traverse

2: Dondo’s Rawah Lakes Loop

3: Chris Wallace’s Water Never Tasted So Good

4: Josh Spice’s Coal Wood Glitter

5: Dan Ransom’s Allsop-Priord Loop


10 thoughts on “Trip report contest voting

  1. Big ups to Dondo, he’s a wordsmith, he never disappoints, genuine, and honest in all his entries. It’s his style of communicating trips that inspires me and many others.

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