Trip report contest voting

Lake McDonald never dies.

The trip report contest has been a smashing success.  I’ve read a bunch of well crafted reports, many about places totally new to me, and become aware of several great blogs and bloggers of whom I was totally ignorant.  I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.

What follows is the top 5, in my judgment.  Read, and vote.  Voting will be open until sometime on Monday afternoon, ie whenever I get home from work and get around to it.  I’ve decided to extend the prizing to be five-deep, so everyone gets something.  The further two prizes will be listed when results are posted Monday night.

1: Jason Picard’s Long Range Traverse

2: Dondo’s Rawah Lakes Loop

3: Chris Wallace’s Water Never Tasted So Good

4: Josh Spice’s Coal Wood Glitter

5: Dan Ransom’s Allsop-Priord Loop


10 thoughts on “Trip report contest voting

  1. Excellent. I feel bad because I forgot all about this. It may be that you can’t enter somebody else’s report anyway, but my old favorite is this one:

    After reading these, I may have a new favorite.

  2. Poll should be fully functional. Let me know if it is still messed up for anyone.

  3. Big ups to Dondo, he’s a wordsmith, he never disappoints, genuine, and honest in all his entries. It’s his style of communicating trips that inspires me and many others.

  4. Great nudge on your part Dave as well in this whole contest, it’s been really cool to check the entries that have been popping up. Can ya dig it.

  5. Though choices there. Nice to know that they will all be winners, though (well, they are already as they got out for some fine trips!)

  6. Nice job Dave. It was a tough call as there were some really great trips and photos. Thanks for getting us going.

    1. Also it would be great to see a list of all the entries after the voting is over, for reading enjoyment, as I am sure I (and others) missed some of them over on BPL.

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