A test of patience

My new bike is pretty sweet. I underestimated the excitement it would engender. (Thanks B!)

The fatness is pretty giggle-inducing (insert phallogocentric bike quip here).

I approve of the stickers. Being reflective is a great touch.

I’ll take it to the LBS to get the headset installed once the new crown race comes in, but it’ll be a while before it’ll have something to roll on. A good exercise for me, as historically I’ve been of the damn-the-debt-full-toys-ahead school. M has helped me grow up, and I’ll be able to savor the luxury of owning so many cool toys.

The sparkly paint is impressively handsome. The adventure by bike slogan a good one. The igloo is cute, perhaps a little colonial, but I can live with it. Frame (17″) with bolts and seat clamp is 4 lb 10 oz. Fork is 2 lb 8 oz (oi!).


  1. Be sure the LBS faces the frame for you as well (this may be automatic when they install a headset, I don’t know). Then, when you get it home dump/spray a bunch of metal-protecting oil into and the frame for full winter protection. She’s a beaut, and is going to be an awesome ride on many a snowmobile trail (Canyon Creek perhaps?)

    1. The factory job on the head tube and BB shell look quite good. Always nice to see.

      The frame is aluminum, for all that road salt and sea spray out in the world. I favor the linseed oil treatment before parts are installed.

      Canyon Creek, Red Meadow, Inside NF road, Hungry Horse reservoir circumnav, Holland Lake-Lincoln-Holland Lake, the possibilites go on and on. Still haven’t done a century this year. Might have to be on snow.

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