Halloween Party

No video this year, just big hair.

You’ll have to check the Facebooks to find photos of me as Gulo gulo.

Bonus question: what’s more annoying than knowing that Erin and Hig are embracing the wild with an equanimity few of us will ever be able to understand?

Answer: anyone who reads Gawker.


  1. Ok, I don’t get Danni’s costume. I see exorcist/sexy Ewok hybrid. Bummed I missed out on the fun.

    Erin and Hig’s attitudes remind me of the 19th-century pioneers I read about in school. Nothing is a tragedy and nothing is insurmountable, just a another problem to be solved. I admit I can’t really visualize how they’ll cope moving their family around in a similar manner three years from now, when both children are too big to carry but still too small to really hike (and they may possibly even have a third.) It will be an interesting saga to watch.

    1. That was the idea (Regan Ewok). The contacts were quite disconcerting.

      I have no doubt that Erin and Hig will find a way to make it work. They’re at once among the nerdiest and most hard core people I’ve met.

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