1. Gorgeous pictures! And I must admit I like that goat one too, but the first photo is stunning. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  2. Thanks everyone! Lots of traffic in this little corner of the world today. I appreciate you taking the time.

    All the photos were taken on one day this past weekend, in the Many Glacier valley of Glacier National Park; hiking up to the Grinnell Glacier. One of the most-traveled trails in the park during summer, but I think the area shows itself a bit better in autumn. The valley will be ski terrain in another month.

    The wind coming off the continental divide and into the valley can be quite brutal. I had some better compositions of the broken ice on Lake Sherborn, but left my gloves in the truck and the 20 F temps and 30 mph gusts made it painful to hold the camera with bare hands. Most exposures were as a result a bit crooked.

  3. Wonderful post. I love the pictures, and the explanation. It is short, to the point, and nice. This had to have taken a long time to organize and put together. You make it look easy to put this together. Smile.

  4. These are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

    The goat is amazing! I live on the Hudson River just north of Manhattan and have seen ice like this on our river. Have you been there when it moves — cracking and squeaking? Very cool.

  5. Wow, those shots are beautiful. I may be biased though because I LOVE the winter. It’s comforting to me in a way that no other season is. I can’t explain it.

  6. Love the ice glass and the not quite water lake. The cloud covered mountain with black water lake at the base is precisely how I feel about winter. I was born in late spring in a place very much like this. Fortunately my parents knew how much I hated the cold & forthwith removed me. Thank you for the brief visit to a place I might rather never go. Now, give it about 80-90 degrees and we’ll talk. And, of course, congrats on FP!

  7. Great shots. I am NOT a winter person but do appreciate the beauty. I’ve already been wearing my stock of Ice Breaker layers for the last two months…joy. As long as I’m dressed appropriately for the weather I love it (in small doses)!

  8. I love Glacier. Winter comes early and stays late. I’ve been there in June when the snow tunnels still remain close to the top of Going-to-the-Sun. Your pics are fantastic.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I first visited Canada in winter 2009 and I do miss it…. these pictures really take me back. Where were they taken?

  10. Normally I really don’t like the winter, but your photos are just wonderful :o)
    Thank you for sharing them!

    Take care and keep up the good job!

  11. I like winter because I can wear stockings with my frocks and wear layers by adding a coat and scarf. Winter clothes are great. I’m tan so winter means I’m going to become paler. Where you live looks too cold though. Nevertheless great pics – especially that goat!

  12. A very unique blog with an amazing collection of photography.. A refreshing and chilling read after a long time. Thank you for sharing and congrats on being on FP! Good luck.

  13. Beautiful photos, where were they taken? The serenity and space there is amazing, if not for the cold temp. which me and my bones abhor, I’d like to be there! Nice job & congrats on be FP’d.

  14. Beautiful pictures, and I love your simple, crisp narration! Where were these pictures taken?

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