4 thoughts on “Just skiing

  1. Great pictures… :) I went skiing on New Years Day for the first time. It didn’t go as I had imagined.
    I love the camera in the goggles picture.

  2. Hi Dave,
    sorry for my bad English.
    Could you please write as next „gear review” entry, how do you carry your essential things handy with you?
    Things like i.e. camera (handy/water resistance?), map, compass, fire(starter), knife, headlamp, FAK, wallet…
    …carrying in the backpack (stuff sack), side pocket, pouch, clothing?
    Thanks’ a lot,

    1. No problem Kai. Thanks for reading.

      My camera is always in a little Lowe Pro shoulder case under my outer shell. Keeps the snow off, and in the winter keeps it warm so the battery doesn’t die. And a camera in the pack doesn’t take many pictures.

      On a day trip like the above everything in the pack aside from my shovel and waterbottle is in either a small or large drybag. The small one has all the odd stuff: headlamp, emergency kit, ski straps, etc. The big one had goggles, insulated pants, insulated parka, extra gloves/mittens, and lunch.

  3. Nice pics, looks like a lot of fun. Decisions decisions…ski lifts vs solitude.

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