Logging Lake, just after the snow turned back into rain.

The weekend’s forecast was bleak, but the best answer was and always is to go anyway.  Even under less than ideal circumstances and if the trip gets cut short, you’re bound to see something cool.

The crew amongst the mud and brush.

Me, Sally/Megan, Nate.

My weekend highlight was waking up Sunday morning, after 12 hours of continuous rain, and watching the drops over the lake turn inexorably into snow.  There was much discussion over shelter choice and eccentricity of my tarp, but it was I who informed everyone else that it was snowing.  I like the tarp, especially as it was too cold for mosquitoes.

We did cut the trip short to go back to Polebridge for coffee and beer.  And there was much rejoicing.

Today it didn’t rain, and I climbed a mountain.

Stanton, to be precise. I hiked up the ridge in the clouds with 50-100 foot visibility until a few hundred feet before the top, when windows opened to the Camas drainage below. By the time I got back down to McDonald the clouds were gone.

And there was much rejoicing, except for the Glacier Lilies which got squished by all the snow which fell over the weekend.

The torturous lower bends of Camas Creek.  A very scenic, if slow, packraft.