Slow is Fast: Follow-up

It started slowly, rustiness in my knees getting off the bike this morning, which I put off easily. Occasional squeaks and creaks continued hiking up the big climb, but that is strain of the type I’ve avoided of late, and soon passed. But the next climb after a few gentle miles hurt. My IT bands were complaining, after the manner of Franklin and his Dialogue with Gout: “I have a good number of twinges for you to-night, and you may be sure of some more tomorrow.”

So I did the responsible thing, and turned around. I have more work to do than I thought.

I was disappointed that the big storm never materialized, but once I decided and thus had most of the afternoon to travel not especially far, I enjoyed myself. Sat, made coffee, ate biscuits, attempted to loosen tight tendons and watched the clouds.  Over an inch of snow fell during half a dozen fierce squalls, with regular hints of blue sky in between.  Glacier shows best on days like that.

2 responses to “Slow is Fast: Follow-up”

  1. That first image- wow! What a haunting landscape.

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