The Phinney Legend

He was twice world champion in the individual pursuit, before he was old enough to drink a beer. He finished fourth in the Olympic road race and time trial last August. He got second in the World’s time trial by 5 seconds last September. He is hilarious. His parents are both legendary American cyclists, and yesterday Taylor Phinney added to his own growing legend.

Image by Cycling Graphs.

On a rainy day with 10,000 vertical feet of rollers and three laps on a hill which went to 27%, Taylor Phinney got dropped early, everyone else in his group quit, and he rode 120 kilometers solo only to finish outside the time cut.  That’s him at 38 minutes back. Afterwords he thought about how his dad, a Tour de France stage winner now battling Parkinson’s, would not have quit; so he kept riding. Even if it takes him more than a few years to win Paris-Roubaix he’ll be worth following.


One response to “The Phinney Legend”

  1. That was an exceptional ride.

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