Just another Saturday

After last weekend and a busy return to work all I wanted to do was go hiking by myself. It took a while to hitch a ride, and I eventually made it to Logan Pass around 830. When I got back to the car 10.5 hours later I couldn’t think of any other way I’d have wished to spend the day.






The idea was to hike Gunsight Pass, one of the best, with a new entrance. This one. It turned out to be a great route, though the final 500 vertical feet down to the Florence Falls trail has the densest Devils Club I’ve seen in the park. Worth it, but I’ll be pulling spines out of my hands and legs for a week. There are possibilities for getting through the cliffs and crossing the shoulder of Fusillade higher, but any future aspirations will likely be stuck with the bushwack.

One response to “Just another Saturday”

  1. Great images! Love your sense of adventure and that you post photos from MT. I grew up in Missoula and look forward to the day I live there again. Happy foggy, snowy summer.

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