One more time


Some of you may recall when, a few years back, I experimented with Twitter. Given that I’ve recently embraced the present decade and upgraded more poor flip-phone, with it’s dying battery, for an iPhone, it seemed time to give it another go.

So I have.

Thus far I’m enjoying being able to stream music wherever I like, and not enjoying those effin tiny buttons. We’ll see if Twitter and the greater connectivity stays or goes.

6 responses to “One more time”

  1. I like Twitter. Yes I made some mistakes, I was too harsh on some persons on it, I am sorry and learnt. It’s a quick connect, and share. Bit of fun at times, and I connect with people who have climbed all 8000mt summits, skied to the North Pole and sailed around the world. Professional mountain guides and photographers. Its power to connect, share and learn on it is impressive.

  2. Dave, since your new fangled phone has a camera have you considered Instagram. It is such a clean, minimalistic photo sharing platform.

    1. Rog – that is kind of how this whole thing started… Yesterday I commented that since he could take pictures on his phone so easily, he should do Instagram, he looked into it today on the computer, and was having issues, then he tried on his phone, then he realized that Instagram was owned by Facebook, then he inquired if Twitter was owned by Facebook, then he got back on Twitter… all on a Sunday afternoon :)

        1. This would explain the random “you’ve got a follower request” yesterday seemingly out of the blue. You’ll find that following me is mostly a bunch of inside jokes amongst a small group of people peppered with the occasional nugget of wisdom. Whatever passes the time I guess.

  3. You should definitely get back on there. Bedrock & Paradox is one of my favorite blogs and I would totally retweet your stuff. At least set your WordPress to automatically post new articles to Twitter. You have a unique voice that more people need to hear!

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