Thanks Eddie!

Namrita realizing she didn’t take the best line. Apparently the majority does not rule. Lady can ride, and she has a customized gravity dropper on a SS; very few people can aspire to such things.

Me looking cool. Gotta love those Midge bars! Relieved after cleaning the first hard stretch going up trail 40.

Clearing an innocuous little rock obstacle, only tricky because the run-in once you close the gate is about 8 feet long and sandy. (Last flight of the platform pedals for me.)

I hope everyone notices that my shirt, tights, and pack all match. The jersey came from Wabisabi on Moab for 50 cents. You can’t have one.

One of these days, I’ll get a digicam. The blog looks better with color. Best thing about cycling, or any outdoor sport, is the folks you meet along the way.

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