Year’s End

My parents and sister are in the Pheonix airport, and Meredith and I are off in a few hours to join Freezefest for the next three days. Christmas may have been run of the mill, albiet in a good way, but new year’s promises to be excellent.

Freezefest started with a stupid idea amongst outdoor folks, to do one of the wetest canyons on 1/1. That canyon is the Black Hole of White Canyon, for the uninitiated a fairly short and mellow outing close to the road, which also typically features a lot of swimming. I’ve meant to do it the last couple years, but work, family obligations, and lack of will have prevented that. Not so this time. Detailed report later.

It also snowed on the crew while we were up at the Ditch a few days ago, then even more on the way to Flagstaff. The nordic center might be 100 percent open by next weekend, so looks like some cross training is on the menu. Makes me want to make a year end charitable contribution to myself in the form of XCD skis. It’s really to bad I’m not guiding anymore, and can’t write all this off.

Enjoy your evening….hopefully out in the cold!

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