Psyching Up

Right now I’m waiting for the weather to happen, to find out if I’ll be riding the White Rim this saturday with Chris and Dave. Waiting, and waiting…… I’ve never been very patient. In any case, I need to track down some better shoe covers, if the ride goes on it’ll be COLD.

I do hope it all works out, the net is great for finding others that share one’s more divergent interests.

Which brings me to another point, for most of my life I knew no one else named Dave. Halfway through college, it seems I haven’t stopped meeting them. Is Dave not a popular name in Ohio?

My legs were annhilated last night, yet quite good this morning. Amazing what a night of sleep can do. I slept 8 hours solid, and probably could have gone for another hour or so. One fascinating thing about the endurance game: getting to know your physiology.

This afternoon; refitting the bike. If I’m riding the White Rim, it ain’t gonna be on the Brooks, not even close to broken in enough. Maybe a short run this evening. So many options….

6 responses to “Psyching Up”

  1. There is about 8 Daves that ride on the front range…. Too many!=)Wait you can never have too many Daves

  2. Shoe covers eh? They live in the bottom of the bike bag (2 types) so I’ll have them along but I’m not sure I’ll need them. I guess it depends just how cold it is in the morning.

  3. How cold in the morning? My guess: really damn, especially descending 2k.

  4. The descent will be freaking freezing but that’s why they invented Micropuffs! I *really* don’t want to lug the neoprene booties in my pack once it warms up too much to need them. I think I’ll just focus on warm core and warm hands. My feet will thaw once the sun comes up and hopefully the packable shoe covers will cut the wind enough.Of course I reserve the right to backpedal while standing around freezing in the morning :)

  5. If the feet get cold, you can always walk! I actually don’t have shoe covers, and am wondering how hard I need to work to get some. If I don’t then I don’t.

  6. It depends for me on how cold, how much I am pushing my other clothing and what shoes. My road shoes have 1 million tiny holes that let the wind in and make me cold. My MTB shoes have much less holes. With wool socks, tights, several layers on top and good head warmth my body will keep my hands and feet warm down to pretty cold temperatures at reasonable speeds (under 20mph). I will probably bring my “light” booties and not my neoprene ones although I have both in my bag. The light ones are not nearly as warm but they do cut the wind and if it gets warm I can easily stuff them in my pack. The neoprene ones are much warmer, heavier and don’t pack down much at all.I also have VB socks which are only 1 ounce or so and they keep my feet really warm if needed. I have to have 2 socks to use those comfortably though, 1 inner liner and an outer sock.

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