The ancient Greek philosopher, interpreter and recorder of Socrates, and as such the single most important author in the history of western thought. Apocryphly sourced for the quotation; “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Anyone want to point me towards a dialogue for that one? Not that we’re doubting, really reading the Symposium (rough Greek for “mad drinking contest”) knows the man appreciated his brew.

This rant brought to you by the PBC, and their superlative Raven Maniac Stout. Perhaps the first chocolate-accented stout where the chocolate is a collaborative, smoky partner rather than a fancy dress on an ugly date (to be patriarchal, it is beer). Served in delicate little 10 oz mini-pilsner glass. 9 percent, they told me, and after three I must believe them. These years out of college, I typically talk philosophy whilst mildly intoxicated. Brings back memories of the basement pub, arguing with Jeffy B in the corner while the rest of the 10pm Wednesday crew rolled their eyes playing darts. I like living in a town with a good brewery; alas, too far to ride, and too many loud Cali-retirees during happy hour.

A storm was on the air this afternoon, but the stars were out when I went out 15 minutes ago to water the P-pine on the deck. Our Solstice tree, cut off and stuck in the dirt two weeks ago, is looking chipper as ever. New year’s this weekend? A new year is for big plans, sore knees, and cold clear air tickling your nose hair.

In conclusion, beer “darkness” is measured in “Plato’s”, I see. Named after a German, but still not I think a coincidence. Another of life’s paradox’s: of all the German’s Nietzsche goes best with or inspires the best beer drinking, but Hegel it would seem would probably be the best man to buy you a round. It still makes me more at ease with the order of the world to think of Hume playing billiards after a day of work.

Good evening, all.