Quick list for the day

…with more to come later. Right now I’m busy rehydrating before I pass out.

7 hours on the bike.
4.5k vertical.
Cold hands and feet.
Lots of wandering around to find an obscure FS road.
Stellar climbing and descending on said road.
Unique trail conditions: slippery sand and hard cow-postholes?! (simultaneously)
Lost the “road” 50 minutes of bushwacking with the bike.
Frozen hands on a long descent.
Called Meredith for a rescue.
Sore right hip from landing on a cobble.

Despite all the monkey buisness, I’m getting my groove back physically. Now I want to keep building without getting greedy, or lazy.

Good night, and good luck.


  1. Not to sound stupid, but how did you spend 7 hours on the bike and only do 4.5K of vertical? Seems like round these parts, any ride that long would have at least twice that in vertical feet.Impressed that you can stay on the bike that long, however.

  2. I rode from my place out to and around Granite Mtn. So, the one word answer would be “pavement.”There’s TONS of dirt road exploring I intend to do for TI training in the coming months, I only with I had better maps than the old and often inancurate FS maps.

  3. I see. Plus you need to probably get in longer rides time wise right now, without necessarily the uber-intensity.I’ve done the trip around Granite and it’s really fun. Probably much more challenging from PV. It’s easy to get lost around 41 if you are on the trails. I would like to revisit it some time when I get a 4 hour block. Lost of cactus.

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