Bits and pieces

Small version of tomorrows ride, courtesy of Dale (epicrider). Good stuff.

2.5 hours skiing today, trails icy from the last week’s freeze-thaw, but beautiful and a good workout.

“Found” a new and much faster way to Flag courtesy of M and mapquest last night. Yeah, it’s been that obvious for the last 6 months. Dumb.

Still contemplating messing with the bike. No action to be taken for a while, patience is not something I’m good at.

And for this evening, nothing at all.

On a technical note, I did take at look at WTB’s Mountain Road drop bars (two in stock at Absolute Bikes), their new take on the classic dirt drop.

As you can see in the above photo, they’ve got a weird pseudo-ergo bend near the end of the drops. It seemed to me, holding them, that this would put pressure on the heel of your hands while in the drops (ie while braking). Also, the far end of this bend seems too short to be that useful by itself. A pity, as the bar solves the only complaint I have about Midge bars, that the hooks are too short. Currently I have chair plugs extending mine .3″, covered in Oury’s they provide fine support, but the short hook slims down the huge advantage of being able to shift your grip around. I’m very satisfied with the plugs, but I don’t have very large hands.

The example I saw was also a 31.8 clamp, which for this application seems pointless.

Yes, Midge bars really are all that. Aside from the aforementioned, I can’t think of anything I’d alter. They’ve exceeded my expectations in every riding situation.


  1. How did the ride go? It’s hard to be here on a rest week with no big rides when everyone else always seems to be out having fun. I need to live vicariously through you!

  2. Please share the new route to Flag.Agree on the Midge hooks. I have bar end shifters to keep me from falling off….barely.

  3. Eric; taking 169 to I-17. Fast, especially from my place. Silly I hadn’t though of it.Chris, ride plan forthcoming, this evening if I can stay awake. It was an awesome day, lots of hard climbing. You’d like it.

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