Cuz I need to go to sleep! Below is a great photo of me assuming the position of the day.

I forgot to set my altimeter log, but I think we logged around 6k of up in over 30 miles and 8ish hours. Gorgeous, gorgeous, fantastic riding.

My hydration and nutrition was ideal, body felt good, bike was perfect. My hands took a beating on the 5 mile rocky descent at the end of the day, to be expected. Great riding, great weather, great people, great day.

The fly in the ointment is that my parents old pug, Perky, was put down this afternoon. We got her from friends the summer after my dad died, and she was a large-hearted and wonderful creature for many years, even as she grew increasingly deaf and arthritic these last years. She would wake herself up snoring, and in her old age stare up at you with benign impatience waiting to be picked up and carried down the stairs. RIP.

5 responses to “Quick”

  1. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. I rode today at Granite Basin, and can still really feel the effects of my riding out there last week. I should feel really strong nest weekend.I need to climb more.Oh, I’ve decided the Ventana handles much better than the Zion, at the expense of a slightly harsher ride, and a little loss of extreme rear wheel hook up due to longer stays.

  2. Sorry about your loss Dogs can be so cool and loving!

  3. That’s a great shot Dave. 4 Peaks in the background has been one of my regular training rides (hwy 87 to 288 and back) for years, when I’m in the area. Where were you riding? I didn’t recognize the trails on the map in your last post, looks like a great ride.

  4. Hairball, some of the trails we rode have apparently been cut in the last year or so, with more to come. We started at the Bell road TH, went up Windgate pass (the pass north of Bell pass) down the east side, back up Bell, down the west side, along the base and south, up and down sunrise, along the back of the McDowell preserve, back up Dixie Mine trail, up the east side of Windgate pass, and back the way we started to the car. Ergo the quadruple bypass.Excellent, excellent ride. Highly recommended.

  5. looks awesome! sorry to hear about the pup, never an easy day.

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