Choices, choices

So, I have an issue. Trans Iowa is April 28th, and the Zane Grey 50 miler is the same day. Iowa is 20 hours away, the start of the Zane is 1 hour. Both courses seem excellent. I wouldn’t feel at all bad bowing out of TI, as everyone who tried got in anyway. The Zane has a fee, but plenty of openings (I think). Both are very inspiring goals, I’d say roughly of the same magnitude. I think I’ll keep up the training schedule until March, then see what’s happening.

I’ve also managed to track down (or have Speedgoat track down for me) a nice fat alloy bash ring from Blackspire, old stock made specifically for the funny Sugino 94 bcd with one bolt behind the crankarm. 34t. Excellent. Julie will be sprouting a few more speeds, with the old Dura-ace barend shifter (best shifter ever), ancient Shimano road derailleur, and a 25t Endless cog to go with the Surly 16 and 20. In the end, singlespeed is not the most versitile rig around. I want to be able to commute to work without dying on the hills, and ride pavement on a singletrack ride without uselessly coasting. The only thing I don’t like is having to put on some sort of guard on the chainstay.

The kiddies are watching an episode of The West Wing today. It’s great classroom fodder for many reasons: It’s smart TV, and pushes almost all my students’ analytical abilities. It makes civic lessons intense, personal, and realistic. It deals with visceral and contemporary issues in a fair and realtively complete manner. And television is something the sub-generation a decade younger than I is predisposed to be very, very open with. I feel cheap using it sometimes, but TV works. The West Wing is also sufficiently intellectual and boring that my formidible and grouchy reputation remains intact.

Running this afternoon?


  1. Maybe this might help you decide….I’m working on renting, barrowing the Flaying Dog Brewery motor home for all the Colorado TI guys…. Don’t know for sure but if you can get to Colorado we can car pool the rest of the way…. I’ll know about the motor home next week

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