Is almost.

We had fog this morning, and swirling snow above 5k early this afternoon so I thought I’d be wearing goggles riding this afternoon. Not so. It stopped snowing, then 15 minutes into the ride the sun came out and I was down to long sleeves and wishing for spring-weight gloves. Tacky trail, bits of snow in the shadows, and a pack of javelinas. I also had a great snap in my legs, hard hills felt easy, and I cleaned two I’ve never managed before. The only thing that prevented a perfect run of 305 was one hill I decided to walk (one I can clean at will), just because it wasn’t in the cards to jack the heart rate up that high.

Silly, yes. Yet encouraging. Progress is indeed being made, though I still have some junk in my legs from the weekend, and sore knees. These things can be fixed; long term life is as it should be: I’m getting stronger, M is taking classes, work is productive (I had multiple students say that my profligate essay assigning helped them pass the AIMS test). And 305 will be there next week, or tomorrow.

I’m also finding it somewhat problematic to write what I want to, after all the purpose of this is to help ME (and perhaps entertain some of you). Therefore, I should only bother writing when I actually have something to say. Which is somewhat true today.

Though, work and the rest of life going well also means being busy, and being busy at this point in the day means being tired. So, I’m out.

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