It’s been a long week thus far, in part thanks to some garbage at work, but mostly because I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done. Details, work, primarily. I do need to rererevamp some aspects of the grading system (I do not work at a normal school, lets say) which is a bit of a nuisance. On the whole, very good. It’s all the little things afterall, you do one and it becomes a bit more downhill for the next. So, I was able to do some good teaching, help a few kids out after school, and while dropping off some fries accepted a dinner invitation at one of the transitional living houses.

(The fries were payment of a debt; extra credit that no one could recognize Moira Kelly of The West Wing as the star of the early 90’s classic The Cutting Edge. One girl did.) Burger King wouldn’t even let me use the drive thru on Julie, sad.

I did get some good shake down miles running errands, it took 20 minutes to push the residual junk out of my lower quads, but after I felt very good indeed. It would appear that I am finally beginning to do things properly, which a month ago seemed like a very far-fetched thing indeed. SSAZ this Saturday will be excellent, the Red Hot also. And yet it’s all just progress in the process, and I still have a difficult choice to make for the end of April.

It has been warm here this week, I rode home in the dark an hour ago in shorts, totally comfortable. Chris, it’ll be nice down here next weekend.

The Brooks is also beginning to break in nicely, I may need to crank up the tension a bit for more comfort, tbd tomorrow.

And yeah, its Tuesday. I think I’ll have a beer.


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