No clever titles this week.

We’ve had a full complement of seasons in the last month, and today is July. Warm, lovely, the heat hasn’t gotten old at all. Yet. I do have to remember when we moved here actually in July, and were sleeping on the porch to avoid the hot air.

Rode back from work, then got in a 50 minute pseudo time trial on a rail trail at dusk. The Brooks started breaking in fast as of late, and today I realized that the leather was sagging such that I was sitting back onto the frame. So, I tightened things up, and was beginning to feel the Brooks comfort kick in. I think the process will need to continue for a while, but the corner is being turned. Which is nice, even on ebay the damn thing was expensive. And pretty.

Julie’s parts shipped, and will arrive next week. SSAZ this weekend will be the last hurrah for the proper SS for a while, the Blackspire bash will get fitted, and it’ll run 34 x 16/20/25. In the end, I hate wrenching, and this will permit errand running and brutal singletrack without messing around.

I’m taking Friday off as a present to myself; I envision breakfast out at our favorite place, and a late morning trail run. Granite Basin all to myself, without the damn horses. (I actually got stuck behind two on Sunday, I kept catching them in the rocky parts and they kept looking over their shoulders and galloping off in the sand.) M also gave me an early gift, a new wallet. For reference, I’ve only ever used one wallet, ever. It’s a tiny, silly little thing, more likely a buisness card holder. I like carrying it in my right front pocket. I’ve had it since I was 8 or 9. I’ve carried it every day since 5th grade. It’s polished, restitched, stretched out of shape of late by an increasing number of cards. It has been retired with honor.

PBS has a great sounding series on the Supreme Court coming on, so I’m off. More later, I imagine.

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  1. I had the same wallet from Jr high until I was 26 when I lost it while swinging (on a swing set) at a park with my bride.I had lost it about three times before but always had it returned. I still miss that thing.

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