Penultimate; good night, and good luck

Don’t expect to see a computer until Sunday evening, so, off it is. Yesterday and today are final prep time: finished up a bunch of odds and ends at work, sat around, am finalizing the iPod all hits all the time list, and will eventually pack. M is unemployed at the moment, so delegation is the name of the game on that last one.

Also relevant, food and rest. One obnoxious byproduct of the “taper” is excess energy and difficulty getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. I can’t really think of a clever fix, next time I may moderate the taper a bit to try to deal, or go climbing and try not to get hurt. Food is something that’s been a big deal in a demonstrable way for this sort of thing, thus lots of fruits, veggies and garlic for the last 48 hours. Tomorrow evening, perhaps sushi in Flag? I’ll eat sushi every day when I win the lottery.

The ADD is kicking in, off to pack and annoy myself trying to calm down.

Best for last: best start to the season for Chris, Dave, Dave, Jill, Dejay, Pua, Lynda, Kathleen, Doug, Randy, Marie, and quite a few others that escape me. Strong energy all around on Saturday! And just know, Saturday at 7pm I’ll be kickin it with free 4% in the beehive state!

Fyodor sez: Suffering is the origin of consciousness.

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