The day after the day after

My legs are feeling quite good. I can bound up and down stairs as normal. All signs that hiking was the right choice, that no real damage was done. About that I am very happy.

I got distracted from filling the Endless again and messed with my project frame, an old Specialized mountain bike I got at a thrift store last year for $20. I hacksawed off the canti bosses, painted it purple and green, and fitted a long reach Tektro road brake to the hole in the fork crown. I can probably fit a 35-8c cross tire up front, and maybe a 42 out back (loooong stays). At Rim Cyclery on Sunday I snagged a $2 1″ threaded headset, and fit it in today with my sophisticated headset installation and removal tool (a big ole adjustable wrench with a rubber coated handle) and a stump. Beautiful.

Then I got really carried away. Fitted the old stem back on, added my red Titec risers, leftover bar tape triple layered, the old Shimano canti-lever with one of my precious ebay pink DiaCompe non-aero road brake hoods, and an old yellow bottle cage and bolts scavenged from the parts baggie.

I still need:
chainring (38t Surly, 110 bcd please)
track cog (17t) and lockring
front tire

For the wheels I have:
32h RX100 front hub, just repacked with Phil Wood greenie goodness
cheap 36h rim
nice 28h rim with no reasonable braking surface

Still working on the wheels, though the theme has become “cheap as possible.” Can you lace a 32 hub to a 36 rim? I aim to try, if my scavenged spokes prove the right length. Perhaps a 28h disc hub and a bolt-on cog?

Eventually, ie tomorrow, I’ll get the Julie back on her feet. As you can tell, right now I’m a bit burnt on the 3 speed project, though by this weekend I’ll be able to start training again and should therefore get off the couch.

4 responses to “The day after the day after”

  1. I have some 32 hole bonti mustang rims I’m not using (with rim strips for tubeless). Doh, the’re disc specific…sorry.Also 27.2 seatpost somewhere.Also, you can have the Timberwolf back.Come check out the parts pile if you get a chance.My favorite comment from yesterday:”Just what geared riders say to SSers, SSers to fixers, and any cyclist to a runner.”Too true, esp. the running part. I’ve done it…lots, and always never felt the love.Now swimmers on the other hand are truly crazy.

  2. Swimming is never something that jived for me, underwater and I don’t get along too well. I’ll probably take you up on the parts pile raid, I could use a disc rim for the rear, and this whole odd hole size stuff is getting silly (just tried to lace the 32 hub to the 36 rim, not happenin’). The seatpost is some weird smaller than 27.2 size. I’ll haul the frame over to Bikesmith when I get motivated, they’ve got lots of old crap laying around. I’ll call about raiding your bin when I figure out the rest of the week. We’re going car shopping tomorrow I think. Joy.

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