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A bit of a discussion has arisen ( over the purpose and utility of drop bars off-road. “Shiggy”‘s treatise on the subject doesn’t leave much room for addition (see WHY in sidebar), so here are some fotos:

Cleaning spokes seemed rather silly after the weekend, so I didn’t. I got sore, and will try some more hand-saving tweaks for the future, but overall this rig is dialed, and performed admirably. I like mechanical things that do what they’re told.


  1. My position on the CrossCheck is nearly identical in bar height to saddle height.I’ll never try it off road without a custom stem because to get the height I need, I have to run a very long stem. Coupled with the extension forward of the drops (about 2.5″), my weight is way too far forward for off road riding.I need a stem that attaches directly on top of the steerer, goes up 3-4 inches, out about 10mm, and clamps.My experience has been that my hands are sore after any rough time in the bars. Of course, I didn’t come in 7th in a hundred mile race over rough surfaces, so YMMV.Jones is mounted to Comandante. Garage impression…not impressed. Feels just like the Mary’s they replaced. We’ll see off road.

  2. My hands were quite sore this weekend, visible bruising on my left palm.I’ve ridden a Jones for ~5 minutes on trails, and found myself using the “hooks” as the default JRA position. Somewhat similar to Midges. I’m curious what you make of them.

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