Race posters are copied, most are packaged and ready to send off early tomorrow. Still waiting for Harris’ address and reco’s from the CO crew. (umhmmm)

In other news, my last birthday present came yesterday. Yes, my birthday is February 10th. That’s what happens when you order the complete box set of The West Wing from China!!! I’ve become addicted to the show over the last few months, and now I have a cheezy red felt box with a faux presidential seal, that came wrapped in a Mandarin language shipping lable, and looked like it had quite the journey, to indulge in. So, off to bed to watch TV!

Recovery is a graaannnd thing.

Did I mention that I have a wonderful, wonderful spouse who’s spoiled me rotten this year? The DVD set is really all the more precious for it’s international travels and idiosyncrasies. M professes to hate birthdays, but I’ve already got a couple good ones in the que, whether she likes getting pampered or not. Her real present, which I may have had a hand in engineering, is the last Harry Potter book being released the day after. Did you know that JK stands for Joanhilda Kipper? She didn’t want you to know either.


  1. Blah. Sorry about the lack of recommendations. Looks like I’m traveling for work this week and as such things just got a little hectic around here. I’ll get on that plus get my write up down hopefully before I leave!

  2. Ouch, the full West Wing set would have me planted in front of the tube for far too long. I like to pretend that I live in that world for one hour at a time.

  3. No worries guys, I’ve slowly and painfully come to grips with the fact that you have more important things in your lives than me. Sigh.Only watched two episodes last night, a major victory over sloth and sleep deprivation.

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