The Psurly

The new fixie, townie, beater, cheapie, cross, fun bike. As “custom” as I could make it. Ole Specialized mtn bike, canti bosses chopped 35c x 700c WTB Allterrainasaurus. Tektro long-reach brake with Avid inserts and Kool-Stop dual tex pads. Lever is original, with pink Diacompe hood for flair and pink housing from the dusty bins of an LBS. $2 Specialized headset, stock stem.

Lots of pedal clearance with the raised bb. What you can’t see is the subtly misaligned front fork, the wheels are parallel but not in the same line. The zip ties keep the brake aligned when disengaged.

Gearing is 44:18. 18t Surly cog, 44t Salsa ring on FSA VDrive cranks. Shimano UN-53, 113mm. Wheels are Open Sports, 32 3x, Dt Comps, Surly flip/flop rear, rebuilt RX100 front. Rear tire is a 38c IRC fatty slick. Unused WTB Shadow V saddle. Kalloy 26.6 post from the LBS back bin.

The rear wheel costed almost exactly as much as everything else combined. I was pleased to put it together with a minimal outlay, and a maximal use of parts lying in the closet.

I’ve already had one person ask “Which model Surly is that?”

2 responses to “The Psurly”

  1. Looks like it’ll get the job done. Reminds me of your multi-colored singlespeed of old.

  2. I am drawn to ugly bikes. Ugly in a unitary sense.

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