It’s alive!!

~130 liter, full VX-21 homemade four season multi-sport adventure pack.
Arc’teryx Bora shoulder straps (women’s large, ebay’d).
Partially free-floating custom hipbelt with anatomic cut outs.
Full wrap gusseted back pocket, with drain holes and bungee closure, modular/removeable bottom compression strap.
Double bottom with drain grommets.
Drawstring closure, silnylon top skirt.

Psyched.  Full design report to come, after a few shakedown trips.


6 responses to “It’s alive!!”

  1. Christ! 130 liters? I'm sure you know precisely what you're doing so I look forward to some shakedown data.

  2. Back panel is 45 inches tall. I took a crude cylindrical volume calculation, cut 10% off, then added some back on to account for the huge back pocket.Drysuits are bulky.

  3. Sitting a little high isn't it?

  4. Keep the questions coming! I'm going to do a design/performance analysis video (complete with dorky voice over) eventually, and these are all things I can address. Bill, yes it does relative to most packs. A few reasons:-the load in the photo was fairly light, it'll sag more with weight-my back is fairly straight, and I've found that frameless packs carry better when they sit above/on the curve of my booty-I design a cut (the back of the pack is 3" higher than the part against my back) into my packs so that they don't catch on logs, rocks, etc when I'm downclimbing facing away from the slope-a highish COG suits my physiology best

  5. […] idea if you prefer to not have a bunch of stuff yardsaled via straps on the outside. The result was this one. It’s funny to think back to designing and building that one, because a lot of things have […]

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