Sitting in a cheap hotel with very fast wireless near SeaTac contemplating two obvious things: Seattle is big, and Seattle is wet.

We got mostly shut out from hiking near Rainier, with steady 40 degree rain.

Mowich Lake.

The temperate rainforest mojo was in full effect.

A good view of the Carbon River was thought provoking.

It was pretty in the trees.

It was a better afternoon for city stuff than woods stuff, so we headed into the big city, did some shopping (I need nice clothes for the j word), and went off to find food.  Seafood, good, and cheap.

A little digging pre-trip made it easy.

(L-R); cod and chips, Newcastle, chips, fried asparagus, fried oyster and slaw sandwich.  Curry catsup and lemon aioli.

The Oysters melted.

The asparagus crackled.

There are some benefits to the big city.

And some weird things.


7 thoughts on “pcnwet

  1. Carbon River second canyon sounds like it's worth a hike in for. Thanks for that link.

  2. you moving to seattle?

  3. The PNW is like a beautiful woman……who is sick all the time.

  4. E, no way (see Enel). Not enough sun. Missoula already pushes the limits there.

  5. This post makes me homesick for Juneau. πŸ˜‰

  6. Jill…Is it the food or the pleasantly damp weather πŸ™‚ I already know.

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