Rochester, NY

My sister and I were given our restaurant sense by our mom.  On many occasions growing up the family would troop into a restaurant, my mom would sniff and look around, and we’d leave, only staying when everything looked good.  We’ve all become foodies since, but back then it wasn’t about anything exotic, just about quality food.  To this day it gets under my skin to pay for mediocre food.

When the family gets together we like to eat, and like to show each other our favorites and discover new ones.  My sister, in Rochester for medical school, hit a home run with lunch today

Pictured above is my corn mash sandwich, with a thick (and vegan) cornmeal spread, cheddar, chipotle BBQ sauce, and fried onions.  Outstanding, and delightfully outside the box.

The rosemary flecked bread “chips” were also superlative.

We sauntered around town and found some weird stuff.

Visited the huge park downtown (under very un-Rochester blue skies, moderate temps, and low humidity).

Mom’s birthday dinner was at my sister’s house, a 4 minute walk from her first home these days (the hospital). 

Steak, sesame shrimp, salad, broiled asparagus, and cheesecake for dessert.

Commercial airlines seem increasingly bent on making the experience as irksome as possible, fortunately the places we go are worthwhile.


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