The backyard

I’m giving myself a little while to get re-used to working 40 hours a week on a regular schedule, before I again expect myself to get out and train on a daily basis. With a distinct lack of mental energy at the end of every day, it’s really easy to turn my back on ambition, ride a bit around town, and spend time here in the coffee house.

But yesterday was different: office to TH in Glacier is only 45 minutes!

Next in the series of vintage trail markers.

Lake McDonald at sunset.

The weather has continued to be insanely nice.  The trout were even feasting on a late-year hatch as the sun went down.  Maybe I’ll go fishing tonight.

3 responses to “The backyard”

  1. Dave – the second photo is called Howe Ridge and there was an all but abandoned fire trail up there until '05 when a crew of us went in there and sawed it out. It's not a super useful place for a trail but if you're looking for close-to-home stuff in GNP you could work out a loop from off the North Fork road with that trail. There's also a parallel trail down along the water (we built some new bridges in there in '04) but can't remember what the connection is between the lakeshore and the N. Fork road.

  2. The third picture is beautiful!

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