I finished the first part of the year in review video last night, so it is now time to start thinking about next year (like we haven’t all been assembling race calenders for a month already; I’m waiting on the Classic to set a date).

On Sunday night I slept restlessly, and as the alarm went off at 630, was in the middle of being chased by some very big and very hungry dinosaurs.  Seriously.

I started editing this last month, on the plane flight back from New York, and when the mood struck me finished May, June and July off yesterday.  I like some parts enough that I didn’t want to wait to let them out into the world, and now most of this footage, which has been overworked as of late, can be put to rest.

Any commentary would be welcome.


  1. The footage flawlessly blends into the high-energy music – I have to say I like your work with Pretty Lights. Also nice mix of footage. The skiing shots are cool. All I can say is needs more biking.

  2. John, camera is a Canon S90. The new S95 has HiDef video. I wish the cameras macro feature was less tempermental, and I really wish small cameras could be had with smaller apertures, but it's been a really good camera.Jill, Pretty Lights is easy to work with. And you can download his albums for free!The editing is getting trickier, problem is it becomes insanely time consuming. I do want better software.I'm not giving up on the year, at all! Let it SNOW!!!!

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