The new paradigm marches on

This graph may be one of the more useful things you’ll find for winter adventure planning.  It comes by way of Richard Nisley, a San Fran packrafter, adventurer, and fabrics scientist.  The original post, at BPL, and the ensuing discussion can be found here.  The iClo values themselves do not tell the full story, but do allow insulation types and weights to be excised in large part from debates over shell fabrics, to say nothing of more subjective factors such as individual metabolic rates, calories on board, and mental state.

It’s the time of year when staying warm becomes increasingly of concern.

I’d also like to know that the blog transfer appears to have been successful!  I find it embarrasingly distressful to have those sorts of loose ends in my life, and thus the ease with which WordPress made the transfer (and it was all the WP import function) was lovely to behold.  When I saw that Google employee Beat used WordPress instead of Blogger, I knew which was superior.  Over the next few days I intend to comb through past posts, deleting some and categorizing the rest for easy searching.  I also want to transfer the old blogrolls into an annotated bibliography of internet resources and inspiration.  But packrafting on the recent rain surged creeks and hopefully playing in the snow comes first.

I hope everyone will enjoy the new blog as it unfolds.

One response to “The new paradigm marches on”

  1. Welcome to the new internet digs. Who the Haines Beefy T would beat out Capilene 1?

    Should have known something as simple as a move would not limit the adventures. Feel good to be done with the masters?

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