Four simple holiday gifts

1: The Pasty

Always delicious.  Mix sauteed meat (ground bison is ideal) and onions, green peppers, cubed and blanched potatoes, parsnips, etc.  Stuff into puff pastry squares.  Bake and eat with brown gravy.

2: Bison Cookie Cutters

Cute, whimsical, delicious (if your cookies don’t suck), and with an iconic American flavor.

3: The funnest T-shirt ever

Comes in many versions.

4: A haircut

Waddaya trying to look like Reinhold?  Geez.


And now for four other, perhaps more outdoorish (practical?) gift ideas:

1: The best ski socks available.  As Dumbledore said, you can never have too many pairs.

2: A super pretty, stupid expensive, functional, lightwieght beanie.  I’m moving away from wool hats.  They take too long to dry, and get saggy after lots of moisture exposure.  The Charlie Toque is nice and light, most hats are too warm while moving, big, stretchy, and all synthetic.  And the designers at Arc’teryx have a keen fashion sense.

3: Cuben Fiber dry bags!  Everyone needs dry bags, lots of them.  These are light, tough, and unlike silnylon, actually waterproof under higher (ie immersion) pressures.

4: A packraft.  Don’t worry, buy one and you’ll soon be designing trips around it.  All boats 10% off through the weekend!

One response to “Four simple holiday gifts”

  1. Being murdered with flavor seems like an okay way to go.

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