Marquette Backcountry ski: out o’ the box

Enter the clown shoes.

Those are 185 Guides.

Inserts make mounting dead easy.  I did need a longer screw for the front, to use the Voile wedge.  Fine threaded, takes a 3mm allen.

Big fishscales.

They have a bit of camber.  They’re also very stiff, by any standard.  Not plastic noodles.

Lots of tip rise.

Off to get ’em dirty.


8 thoughts on “Marquette Backcountry ski: out o’ the box

  1. I’ve been looking at these quite a bit ever since you mentioned them awhile back. I’ll be anxious to see how they work out. I have the perfect boots/bindings sitting in a box right now.

    Get out on ’em!


  2. Very initial impression after a few hours bushwacking and farting around in the thick woods this afternoon:
    -fishscales have better grip than Guide fishscales, but you’ll still need skins
    -hold an edge quite well
    -super turny

    It’s absolutely nuking snow outside now, and I have an all-day mission in Glacier planned for tomorrow, so I should have some better data in 24 hours.

  3. they look cool…

    like brian, I have a pair of old riva cables sitting around that these would be excellent for…. hmmm….


  4. Looking forward to seeing how these work out for you. Look promising so far. They look like they would be much easier to carry on a pack or packraft than regular backcountry skis.

  5. Dave. another blog I read based out of Duluth, MN is putting these to the test. You’d enjoy his blog and would probably be friends with him were you to live in the same town.

    Universal Klister

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