A few things in winter

M in the snow last weekend.

The larger context.  This little zone has a good view (Missions in background, right).

1) Danni is competing in the Susitna 100 this weekend.  Follow her here.  Cheer on Jill and Beat (also foot), and Woodchuck (bike), too.

2) Backcountry Magazine reviewed fat waxless skis.  They’re shitty little reviews (do they really think skiers shopping for those skis have such short attention spans, and so unsubtle demands for knowledge?!) but they’re the first on snow report I’ve heard on the new Fischer S-bound 112.  A guide with a 3mm wider tip, tip rocker, and more solid edges sounds like an amazingly useful ski.  Too bad BCmag didn’t get a rocker pic!  Boooo!!  Suck it BCmag!

3) The aurora borealis is supposed to be visible in the northernmost reaches of the lower 48 tonight.  Too bad we’re socked in here in the Flathead.  Maybe the Bozeman crew will have better luck.

One response to “A few things in winter”

  1. Maybe I read it wrong but I thought the BC Mag thing was a teaser and then they were going to go into more detail in upcoming issues. I’ll need to revisit that and see. Personally, as a snowboarder I skim over ski reviews pretty quickly.

    Secondly, thanks for the heads-up re: the Northern Lights. I’m trying to arrange a backpacking/skiing trip this weekend and it would be very cool to be treated to a colored night sky.

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