Pin wear

The UN 72 of ski bindings.  Above is a Voile Mountaineer with minimal miles.

Whereas this binding (on my Guides) has many miles on it, and it shows.  Still fully functional.

This binding is on my first pair of Marquettes.  Obviously of an older vintage, I got it used for a song at a ski swap last spring.  Used as a resort binding, the pins had minimal up and forward rotations (from kick and glide) and are thus in pretty good shape.  Most of the wear visible I’ve put on myself since December.

Bindings on the new Marquettes, with a very similar story to the above.

Take home lesson: locking your 3 pins on the first click down lets the duckbill rotate a bit, making for easier forward motion, but accelerated pin wear.  Possibly still worth it a lot of the time.

Second lesson: anti-ice tapes are the shiz.  Get ’em.


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