My mom’s here to visit, so of course the Flathead has been serving up vintage spring fog/rain/snow for the last few days. After a Friday hanging out, shopping and dodging rain we woke up yesterday, dismayed by the forecast, checked webcams, and headed east.  The Atlantic drainage often holds sun.  Our plan was to drive to St. Mary, bike to the head of the lake, and hike/snowshoe to some waterfalls.

Things did not go as planned.

What had been rain for us yesterday had been snow just a little bit higher.

Even road walking was adventurous.

Yep, that’s on the road.  The NPS has a lot of plowing to do in the next six weeks.  Snow along the highway to St. Marys was higher than the truck in places!

2 responses to “Whether/weather”

  1. What an amazing place!!

  2. A good core workout would be to clear that all by hand …o/o

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