Learn to ride a bike

You may have seen this, as it seems to be well into going viral, but it’s just too relevant not to post:

Relevant because, beyond the obvious, I’ve worked with several kids over the years who made it to 9, 10, even 12 years old without the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. I think I can say that, transcending just about all classism that might be relevant in the US, such a thing is very sad.

5 responses to “Learn to ride a bike”

  1. It’s a sad state of affairs that many kids don’t get the opportunity to learn these basic life skills that can lead to so much fun and freedom. Working at an international school I’m dismayed when otherwise intelligent and educated parents don’t allow their children to join us on skiing or kayaking trips because they’re too worried about their kids hurting themselves. There is a saying in Sweden that a burnt child doesn’t play with matches. I worry about what effect this over-emphasis on health and safety will have on future generations.

    1. Good point Joe. Too many video games, among other things.

  2. Hadn’t seen it before. A great video!

    Joe’s point is also scary, and sad too. I’ve heard someone once saying something like this: “Go out and hurt yourself before your body looses it’s ability to heal itself.” I’d add, don’t heart yourself too badly but otherwise I agree.

  3. Barbara Chenault Avatar
    Barbara Chenault

    I cried when I watched the UTube…..I remember when you learned to ride your bike…we were all so over the top happy…on Quail Rdige…a huge day….I remember it like it was yesterday. This little kid is a great kid, too.

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