Short skis, floppy boots, a lurk, shorts and corn snow work well together.

Some basics of skiing, like facing down the fall line and keeping a still upper body, transfer directly. Others, like not getting super backseat, obviously do not.

I recommend that you try it.


4 thoughts on “Lurkin’

  1. Very cool!

  2. Because I am not a very good skier and use parallel sided light touring skis in the backcountry, I sometimes hold my two poles together like the “lurk” and use that as a brake/pivot.

    Sort of embarrassing to admit, but skis without side cut just don’t turn well and that’s why the telemark was invented.

  3. Cutting a ~7′ pole might be worth it when facing a big descent undergunned on skis and especially, on boots.

    My lurk is alder and thus a bit flexy. My first few were a bit too short, which limits the extent to which you can really lean back and milk control by unweighting your skis.

  4. Ha ha! That might be the coolest ski photo I’ve seen this year!

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