Be careful out there!

If any park service sign has ever tempted me to hang it on my wall, it’s this one.  The odd thing is, I can’t fathom why it is in this particular spot: a few miles from the parking lot, facing so that you’d only see it on the way back and after crossing a swift creek on large logs.  Easier, I suppose, than putting the sign into storage.

This weekend was a quite one.  I had an article to write, books to read, espresso to drink, and a bit of training to do.  Energy wasn’t high, for me psyching up to do those big traverses in tricky conditions takes a lot out.  I also noticed, while hiking each of the last three days, that my ankles and shins/calves were a bit creaky.  Connective tissue damage/strengthening left over from last weekend, and thus better to let it completely heal and go into the classic at 100% rather than nursing a deficit along for a month or more.

It’s that time after all; time to wonder if my preparation for the classic will be what I want it to be.  I’m optimistic, but having never done a classic before, won’t know until after.  There are a few things this spring that didn’t go ideally, and a few differences I’ll be able to make in the next three weeks, but the larger mold is irrevocably cast.  I ordered maps last night, waterproof 1:75,000 jobs from MyTopo in Billings.  I also received a new pack I’ll use for the race, a 2011 Golite Jam, which I’m very impressed with.  After the last few trips I’ve been unsatisfied with my homemade packs, and after using the Golite I know why.  That subject deserves it’s own post which I’ll get to later this week.

I did see this Pileated Woodpecker flitting around near the ground on Saturday, which was neat.

3 responses to “Be careful out there!”

  1. Love the pic! Wondering… can you really get what you need from a 1:75k map? (are there tradeoffs, or am I just ignernt?)

    1. It’s about the scale I usually use in the woods. The old 1:62,500 (think I have that right) scale is my favorite, a good balance between detail, big picture, and not having to carry a library. 1:24,000 level detail is useful in places like SW Utah, but I find few needs for it around here.

  2. I was surprised to see your All Pack not on your gear list considering how extensively you’ve used it over the last two years for your excursions into the backcountry; curious to hear your thoughts on that Jam.

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