AK bound

Beargrass, by M.

I didn’t really start to get nervous until I began collecting and packing things yesterday afternoon.  Now, I’m nervous.  Not because I’m worried about getting lost, or dying, or bears, or failure.  I’m nervous because the work of many months is coming to focused fruition in a very compressed amount of time.  There’s a good chance that, hatred I’ve lately cultivated for flying notwithstanding, I’ll be very tranquil by the time my plane takes off tomorrow morning.

I’ve also decided that, weight aside, my Spot is coming on the classic.  Track me here, beginning at 1000 AK time this coming Sunday.  And with that being said, I don’t expect to post here for several weeks.  Until then..

9 responses to “AK bound”

  1. Good luck and have fun!!!

  2. Good luck!!! Thanks again for all your help this weekend. You’re the bestest. Will you be taking a camera? I hope so…

  3. Camera batteries are charged and packed.

  4. Awesome man. Have a killer time on an epic experience.

    1. Thoughts are with you, Dave. You’ve nothing to fear as your skills and prep are honed. Nervousness will subside in time – let it turn into adrenaline and the pursuit of this dream.

  5. Good luck! May the weather be nice and your feet happy (or the happy as feet can be in a Classic) .

  6. I’m really excited that you’re about to embark on this grand adventure. The Classic is something I’ve been drooling over for years, but I may never have the guts to actually try it. (I’m with Danni, the trailless navigation would likely be my downfall without a serious psychological overhaul.) But I can’t wait to hear your take on it! And Alaska. Good luck!

  7. the other Eric Avatar
    the other Eric

    cool Dave,
    walk on over from Luc’s when you get here.

  8. Can’t wait to see you pics and read your entry on this journey!

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