Classic Packs

Most of the packs from the race start, minimal editorialization.

Ken from Kenai’s MYOG pack.

Golite Gust.

Rob of Team Heavy’s Exos.

Chris’ Granite Gear Blaze AC 60.

Don’s Mariposa Plus.

Mike Martin’s NRS.

John Sykes’s MEC rucksack.

Luc’s CAMP pack.

Tyler’s Black Diamond.

Todd’s Vapor Trail (worth noting that these were the four that did the glacier route).

Paige’s pack, a Wild Things custom-designed for the classic. Clean and tight, but the hard binding on the inside edge of the shoulder straps and VX-21 on the inside of the hipbelt rubbed badly; ergo (IMO) a design flaw.

I carried a Golite Jam (2011) and it performed great. No chaffing on discomfort of any kind.


5 responses to “Classic Packs”

  1. I really like the first one. Of course I’m biased two ways. One, I like pockets, and two, I like orange.

  2. Nice looking collection of lightweight packs.

  3. Nice article Dave and very interesting packs.
    Indeed the first MYOG pack looks very interesting. Can’t wait to read more about the Classic

  4. Ken’s pack looked really good. XV07, and basically a mini-ULA Epic.

  5. […] How did we manage for so long without them?  Slower and less efficiently.  Just look through this post and […]

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