Last day to vote!

Voting in the trip report contest will end sometime this afternoon.  So vote!

Mountain goat sez don’t be a tool; vote!

Strong trends developed almost immediately (lots of folks voted right of the bat) and have continued throughout, though the ranking is far from a foregone conclusion.  The results thus far have been both unsurprising and unexpected.

I’ll post the final percentages this evening.

To sweeten the psyche, here’s the final prize list.  While driving home from my aborted adventure Saturday evening I decided that I was too lucky in the free stuff which has piled up in our house over the summer, and that all the guys (and yes, they were all men) who took the time to write and photograph great experience ought to be properly recognized.  Recall, the finalists will have their pick in finishing order.

-GoLite Malpais jacket and ULA Rain Wrap

-Jack r’ Better poncho-tarp and Equinox silnylon chaps

-Terra Nova Laser 20 pack and two stale granola bars

-TrailLite Designs Bandoleer pack (modified by me)

-Yama Mountain Gear Microburst and Microbug, with pole set

Thanks to BPL and all the manufacturers for unwittingly and unknowingly participating in this contest.  And thanks to all the writers and readers who made this whole thing so much fun.


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