Trip report contest winners

And the winners are…

1st, with 40% of the vote, the Long Range Traverse!

2nd, with 31% of the vote, the Rawah Lakes Loop!

3rd, with 21% of the vote, Coal Wood Glitter!

4th, with 5% of the vote, Allsop-Priord!

And 5th, with 3% of the vote, Water Never Tasted so Good.

Gentlemen, please email me with a mailing address and the prizes listed in order of preference. (Except Jason, who gets whatever he wants, and Chris, who gets what is left.)

Thanks to everyone for playing, voting, and reading!  Now back to regularly scheduled programing.


5 thoughts on “Trip report contest winners

  1. Last week was the most-viewed week in this blogs history. I hope some of you silent readers find the disorganized fun here rewarding and stick around.

    First silent reader (someone who doesn’t regularly comment) to email their address (put Jefferson Lives in the subject line) gets a free bonus prize. It won’t be a dead fish, I promise.

  2. All prizes and the reader bonus prize are packages and will be sent off tomorrow or the day after. To be fun, everyone but Jason will not know what they get until they get it.

    Thanks everyone!

  3. I wholeheartedly appreciate you stoking these fires, Dave. Too much gear discussion with not enough trips-putting-said-gear-to-use makes Jack a dull boy.

  4. This was a great idea and I not-so-secretly hope you do it again sometime.

    1. I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t.

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