Best of 2011, part 1

If I was like that I’d make a logo and shit, but I’m not.  Part 1 is a review of our corner of the internet, part 2 will be gear, part 3 my year in review. Operating standards are mine: originality and integrity of purpose garner high marks. As this is the public domain of the internet, the efficacy of communication is of utmost importance.

Best video: 2011 Summer Wilderness Classic; Luc Mehl

Maybe being there makes it impossible for me to judge well here, but for me a tight, full portrayal of such an exacting and esoteric wilderness experience is the ultimate.  It is also the future.

Runner up: This is My Winter

Best trip: Yakutat to Gutavus bikerafting; Roman Dial, Mike Curiak, Eric Parsons, Steve Fassbinder, Dylan Kentch

Not necessarily the gnarliest or most epic, but among the more creative and perhaps will prove to be the most influential.  I’m a supporter of using your work to do greater good, and on that note this trip succeeded wildly.

28k vimeo views and counting!

Runner up: Life on Ice; the McKittrick/Higman clan.

Best gear write up: Tarping with the Grace solo Spinntex .97; Joery Truyen

A terse, complete, candid overview of the item in question, which addresses the relevant applications and techniques at large, and is accompanied by bitchin’ photos. We should all aspire to this.

Runner up: Big River Fishing: Why Tenkara Beats Western Methods; Ryan Jordan

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