Altai Hok review up

My review of the 125 cm Altai Hok is up at BPL.  If I do say so, it’s one of the better gear reviews I’ve yet written.  Still waiting on my pair of 145cm Hoks to arrive from China.  That, and snow to merit using them.  Seems like the snow is thin and horrendous just about everywhere in Montana at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Altai Hok review up

  1. We have the snow here in Washington, just not the skis. I ordered mine as well, but who knows when I’ll get them (hopefully soon after you).

  2. The Fonz meets skis.


  3. Why’d you go with the 145 over the 125?

  4. More float in powder.

    Ed, I no longer have that hair, though it was fun for a while.

  5. Halfway through the review and it’s looking good. I actually thought of the “skishoe” idea last winter too when I was snowshoeing with a friend, not knowing they actually existed. Here in Finland off trail skis are traditionally very deeply rooted. But you often run into manouverability problems when entering thicker bush. Have to read on now, excited about such a promising product.

  6. Thanks; that’s what I figured, but wanted to confirm.

  7. That surface hoar is amazing to look at and play with — but yeah this weekend I was crying on the inside for how bad the snowpack is going to be after THE SNOWSTORM that hopefully will come soon. Glad I got a pass I guess.

  8. Clayton Mauritzen December.15.2011 — 17:29

    Excellently thorough review! If only I had a budget left for winter gear…

  9. I said so over at BPL, but I’ll say it here as well: Excellent Review. Top notch article that is both fun to read and informative.

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