Mountain Hardwear Thruway 50

Being as particular about backpacks as I am, it’s not often that I get excited about a production pack.  I’m excited about the Mountain Hardwear Thruway 50, especially since I have one next to me right now.  I’ll be beating on it for an in depth BPL review, in the meantime, I posted an overview of the most salient features over there.

Should be fun.


4 responses to “Mountain Hardwear Thruway 50”

  1. Nice! Mountain Hardware makes good stuff, which is why they charge so much for it, which is why I have so little of it…

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. 230 bucks retail is quite expensive for a pack of this volume. On the other hand, DX40 is very expensive fabric, and now that D-Polyant has upped their minimum order to 50 yards, even more out of reach for the little folks. The use of cutting edge fabrics might be the most exciting thing about this pack. It’s time for manufacturers to start seeing Dyneema gridstop for what it is: antiquaited.

  3. Pretty robust looking pack for the weight…but $230? Ouch.

  4. O2Gearshop has it for $147.20…

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